For Pet Owners

We know that your pets are important members of your family.  We also know that the idea of your pet having surgery can be stressful and create a lot of questions for you.  Some questions about your pet can be answered by reading below.   If you find you still have concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Boswell via e-mail or phone.

What you can expect before surgery:  Surgeries will be scheduled through your regular veterinarian.  At the time the surgery is scheduled, Dr. Boswell will provide your veterinarian with a surgical cost estimate.  If requested, Dr. Boswell will contact you directly to answer questions you might have about your pet’s surgical procedure prior to the appointment.

If your pet needs an urgent surgery, or time constraints or facility availability does not allow Dr. Boswell to travel to your regular veterinary hospital, we will work hard to make arrangements for you to see her at another animal hospital.

What you can expect the day of surgery:  Dr. Boswell will examine your pet, discuss the recommended surgery, and make sure to answer all your questions.   Surgery will follow immediately after the consult.  Sometimes additional tests (for example, x-rays or bloodwork) may need to be run first.   Dr. Boswell will call as soon as your pet is awake to inform you of any surgical findings.   Most importantly, she will update you on how your pet is recovering. You will also have the option to receive text message updates before/after your pet’s surgery in addition to talking to Dr. Boswell. 

Your regular veterinarian will take over your pet’s care after surgery.  Dr. Boswell will work with your veterinarian to determine the best post-operative treatment plan, follow-up rechecks, medications to go home, etc.  Your pet will most likely be sent home the same day as surgery.  It will be up to you/your veterinarian’s discretion if you would like to leave your pet hospitalized overnight.

If you have questions your regular veterinarian cannot answer about your pet’s care at home, please feel free to contact Dr. Boswell.

What you can expect after your pet goes home:  Your primary veterinarian will take over care of your pet.  You will be sent home with detailed instructions regarding incision or bandage care, exercise restrictions, medications, etc.   Your veterinarian will also do follow-up rechecks with you and your pet.  However, Dr. Boswell will be available to discuss your pet’s care and we can schedule a personal recheck if necessary.

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Phone: 269-312-4227